Johns Retail Ltd – FAQ

Q:   How do I purchase products from Johns and Son Ltd?


A:   Head over to Ruperts Valley to view our range of Stock, new items arriving regularly.


Q:   How do I place an order?


A:   By submitting the order form via this website.


Q:   How do I pay for my order?


A:    Payments are payable in to Johns Retail Ltd Account in the UK. Details will be provided once you have accepted the quote.


Q:   Do I have to spend a minimum amount to order?


A:     No, however orders will only be processed once the payment has been received.


Q:    What happens once I have submitted an order?


A:     Johns Retail Ltd will provide you with a quote, which will include the additional charges as per our Terms and Conditions.


Q:    Can I change my mind once I have accepted the quote?


A:     Yes if you have not made a payment and the order has not been processed, however, if the payment has been received and the order process, the payment becomes non-refundable.


Q:    What does your additional cost consist of?


A:     Delivery charge to Johns Retail Ltd if ordered of a website

         Processing and Admin fee

         Freight to Johns & Son Ltd

         Customs Duty UK & St. Helena as per our Terms & Conditions


Q:    How do you calculate your additional cost?


A:     These are calculated per individual order, a breakdown will be provided in your quote and Invoice.

Please see our Terms and Conditions regarding the Customs charges.


Q:    When will I receive my order?


A:     If your order has been processed prior to our cut of date, then your order will be shipped on the next shipment, however if your order is processed after the published cut of date, then your order will be shipped the following shipment. All dates can be found our website and Facebook.


Q:    How and where do I collect my order?

A:     Once the order has been received and checked by Johns & Son Ltd in St. Helena, a member of our Team will contact you to confirm suitable collection time and date.


Please note that all goods remain the property of Johns & Son Ltd until full payment has been received.